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Clear your mind, body and spirit.

Private Energy Healing Consultation by Kaeko

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Clear your mind, body and spirit.

Private Energy Healing Consultation by Kaeko

Body Code®

It is a form of energy healing, which deals with balancing the body in these different aspects – emotional, energetic, nutritional, structural, pathogens, and toxicity.

It is a sophisticated and complete method of body balancing.

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Clear your mind, body and spirit.

Private Energy Healing Consultation by Kaeko

Emotion Code®

It is a form of energy work to help enable people to get rid of their emotional baggage.

It works to identify and release trapped emotions, which are harmful emotional energies from negative past events.

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Embrace who you are

Hello! My name is Kaeko Nakagawa.

I am a certified energy healer, offering private sessions world-wide since 2013.

I have been working with people who want to achieve their personal goals.

I use energy healing tools, guided meditation and simple breathing techniques to help people let go of their energetic blockages and overcome their subconscious belief system.

I first encountered energy healing in 2012, but it all started in 2009 when I fell ill.

I started to review my diet and realised that the root cause of my ill health was that I was not living from my heart.

I had been choosing a living environment that ignored my true feelings because I was leading my life from my head, and as a result, I fell ill in 2009.

What would my life be like if I could live from my heart?’

As I encountered energy healing and got to know myself, I realised that I was feeling a lot of things in my life.

And that I had been living my life completely ignoring them…

Start feeling good about yourself

What does your heart speak to you?

I began to review my diet when my health deteriorated significantly, and eventually realised that the root cause was that I was not living as truly who I am, but what exactly does it mean to be truly who I am?

To me, it’s something we feel when we are in tune with our heart, allowing ourselves to feel how we feel.

-No one understands me.

-If I tell them how I really feel, they won’t love me.

When you feel insecure like this, you can’t feel how you feel, and all you care about is the opinions of those around you.

When you focused on what others feel, that will always make you feel insecure.

Are you allergic to your feelings?

Do you feel like you are living from your heart?

Or from your brain?

When you are living from your heart, you feel it.

When you are living from your brain, you think it.

But why is it so tiring to feel the emotion?

Do you shut down when you try to feel your feelings?

This is because, due to a negative event experienced at some point in the past, you have learnt to shut down your feelings in order to avoid the pain.

In my sessions, I pick up such ‘habits’ and reprogram them through energy healing.

By eliminating the cause of your so-called allergic reaction to your feelings, you will be able to reconnect to your heart and live from your heart.

What is energy healing?

If you are new to energy healing, you may wonder what it is.

Energy healing is the process of attuning to the universal energy frequency that is the source of all life forms.

Universal energy is the original, natural way of energy.

For me, energy healing is like speaking in a different language.

That’s because I realise that energy healing works like a language for understanding energy, just as HTML is a language of documents designed to be displayed in a web browser.

In my private sessions, I heal invisible wounds and the pain in your memory, by aligning your energy to its original natural state, while picking up your feelings.

What does your symptom speak to you?

From an energy healing perspective, I recognise that the symptoms that appear in the body are the result of energetic inflammation that has been ignored for a long time or a state of disconnection between one’s heart and mind.

What is the story behind the symptoms?

What does the symptom want to tell us?

The symptom is a signal that the process of change has begun at a visible level, but long before that, the change started at an invisible energetic level.

Energy healing addresses the problems at the roots.

I was invited to do energy healing at the Sanoviv Medical Institute in Mexico in 2015.

There, I released the emotional energy that was trapped at the roots to ensure that the treatment would be as effective as possible.

My energy healing is not a medical treatment or a substitute for medical treatment, but works by resolving the underlying cause so that the body’s natural healing powers can take their effect.

For the first time in my life, I feel like I’m heading for the right direction.

You are my miracle worker!

It was mind-blowing.


What’s my client say:


I’ve never experienced the level of healing before.

I felt the immediate change when the clearing started.

Thank you for a really nice session. It was lovely to meet you.

My story

How I embarked on my inner healing journey.

How I come across energy healing

I first came across energy healing in 2012, but it all started in 2009, when I became ill.

It all started with intense flu-like symptoms.

It is common knowledge that in the UK, it is not usually possible to get an appointment with your doctor for anything more than a flu-like symptom.

I had no choice but to use over-the-counter cold remedies and take care of myself at home.

So even now I don’t know the name of the symptom I had.

In the end, it took me about a month to recover.

As I had never had a serious injury or illness before, it was my first experience of lying in my bed for such a long time.

I was shocked at how impatient and frustrated I felt in those days.

Because before this experience, I always felt those judgements and projections of negative emotions came from outside, not from inside.

A beautiful pink sunset reflected on a lake.


It is a barrier against emotional pain, created by the subconscious[…]